Dex Extension allows you to quickly import, track emails, add a note, and more without leaving your contact’s profile!

Installing the Extension

You can download the extension here! You should see this if the installation was successful:

To use Dex Extension: you must be using Google Chrome

Using the Dex Extension

  • Click the Dex icon on your contact’s profile
    If the contact is already imported, Dex will open its details for you.

From here, you can do the following:

  • Enhance
  • Set Keep-in-Touch frequency
  • Quickly add a note, event, reminder, etc
  • Add to a group
  • Star contact
  • Update contact’s information on the ‘Details’ tab
  • Archive or Delete
  • Quicky open contact’s card in Dex

Supported Platforms

To learn more about each of our different social media integrations, check out their specific guide pages here: