Discover how Dex can help you consolidate your contacts from multiple platforms with this helpful guide. Say goodbye to scattered contacts and hello to unified organization!

Begin by choosing the platforms from which you’d like to import your contacts.

Dex supports importing from Facebook. When you import from Facebook, you can:

Import birthdays: view upcoming birthdays and receive notifications on contacts you care about

Facebook Profile Images: add profile pictures from Facebook to your Dex contacts

Birthday / Calendar integration: with Contact Sync, see all your upcoming birthdays on Google Calendar!


Install the Dex Extension

You’ll be prompted to install the extension if you haven’t already. More information about installing the extension here.


Start the import process

Go to your Import page by going to Settings > Import/export > Import Page and click on Facebook.

The Dex extension will scroll through your friends list and birthdays to add this information to Dex. All of your information is private only to you, and you can delete your data at any time.


Completing the import process

Once the Facebook import process has concluded, you’ll see:

  • How many contacts were imported or updated from Facebook
  • The number of contacts added from Facebook
If you run the import process more than once, existing contacts will not be duplicated and will instead be updated.

Are you looking to selectively import your Facebook Friends? Learn more about importing specific friends through Facebook Dex Extension Integration.

Looking for another source that’s not listed? Check your Import Page to see the full list!