Dex’s integration with your Gmail account allows you to view relevant email threads, update the last interaction, and provide a complete picture of your communications.

  • The sync shows only metadata (subject and date/time of emails).

  • The initial sync takes several hours, but subsequent syncs complete in under 2 minutes. Currently, only Gmail and G Suite accounts are supported.

Get started by visiting the Sync and Integrations page and watching our brief video guide:

Getting Started


Go to your Sync & Integrations page

From the home page, click on the dropdown icon at the top-right corner and choose Sync & Integrations.


Connect your Gmail Account

On the Gmail section, click on “Connect Account” and follow the login prompts.


Import your Gmail contacts

To start seeing the tracked emails, make sure to import your Gmail contacts if you haven’t already. Check the guide below for more information: Importing from Emails

If you have contacts with an email address you exchanged emails with, you’ll see the synced threads as well.

Opening the Email Content

Clicking on the synced emails will route you to Gmail with the body of the email opened.

If you don’t see the emails, make sure the email address is saved in the contact’s card and reconnect the sync.