February 2024: Zapier Integration ⚡

Dex is now available for use with Zapier! You can now connect all your tools supported by Zapier with Dex. For example, you can create an integration like “If I receive a new email in Gmail (Trigger), then save the email body in Dex(Action).” For more, check out this quick overview video of Dex and Zapier.

Supported Dex Actions:

  • 📝 Create a Note

  • 👥 Create or Update a Contact

  • 📃 Create a Reminder in Dex

The possibilities are endless! Check out Dex’s Zapier page or our guide to learn more: Zapier Integration

🐛Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Bulk emails now are prefilled with the configured email templates in settings.

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields could not be cleared.

  • Fixed an issue where the timeline page would not reload with the correct data.

  • Fixed an issue where importing contacts via CSV would fail with certain tag names.

  • When exporting contacts, social media links now export with the full URL.

  • Fixed an issue where custom field text would not wrap for display correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where contact search would show the wrong contacts on views.

  • Fixed an issue where notes with many contacts would cause misalignment on the timeline page.

  • Allowed users to sort groups by alphabetical order on the groups page.

  • Other minor layout and polish fixes.

November 2023

With your LinkedIn account connected, see your last LinkedIn message for your contacts. See how this works in this two-minute video.

  • Last Interaction is automatically updated with your latest LinkedIn conversation, making keep-in-touch reminders even more accurate and powerful.

  • See the last message sent in the conversation, so you can remember context on what you last talked about.

  • Open the relevant conversation with just one click, you can pick off where you left off.

  • Filter and create views with the date of your last LinkedIn message so you can make sure you’re staying in touch.

LinkedIn Message sync happens on a regular basis, just like our usual LinkedIn sync for connections. To get started, connect your LinkedIn account and open a contact from your Dex Dashboard.

Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Export of contacts via CSV file now includes tags for contacts.

  • Fixed an issue during the quick action game where interacting with the game would not consistently save progress.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Merge with…’ from a contact would not redirect to the merged contact appropriately.

  • Fixed an issue where contacts from LinkedIn with very long titles would not sync appropriately.

  • Fixed an issue where enhance requests were taking longer than an hour to complete. (usual time < 10 minutes)

  • Other minor layout and polish fixes.

October 2023: Google Calendar Integration + CC/BCC updates

Leave a note from Google Calendar 📆

If you’re taking meetings through Google Calendar, you can now do more with the Dex Chrome Extension:

  • Leave a note 📝 : When a calendar event is open, click ‘Leave a Dex note’ to leave a note for the relevant attendees

  • Quick access 🔗 : When viewing a contact open their LinkedIn profile or see Dex information without leaving the page!

CC/BCC Forwarding (with email body!) 📦

If you use our feature to CC/BCC email into Dex (for example, if you use Outlook), we now add the message body. See the thread of the email, right inside a contact timeline!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Fixed an issue where certain users had duplicate LinkedIn connections synced (this issue is now fixed for all users retrospectively)

  • Fixed an issue where not all locations were being populated in a timely fashion.

  • Fixed an issue where work history was not being populated in a timely fashion.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong field was set as a title when manually enhancing

  • Fixed an issue where search results via global search would occasionally time out.

  • Fixed an issue where long content would cause the page to wrap in unexpected ways.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some new users from accessing the app on Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple

  • Fixed an issue where the company field was incorrectly mapped when imported from the mobile app.

September 2023: Outlook Extension Support 📧

If you use the web version of Outlook 365, you can now access Dex in your inbox!

  • When opening a message thread, look for the Dex or LinkedIn icons.

  • Clicking the LinkedIn icon will search LinkedIn for the sender.

  • Clicking the Dex icon will add/open the contact in the Dex sidebar.

While direct email integration with Outlook is coming, this new extension integration should make using Dex with Outlook much easier.

As before, for emails you’d like to track, you can also CC or BCC email into Dex. This works for all email providers!

Importing Tags from CSV 🏷️

Following last month’s release of Tags, you can now import Tags via CSV! To do so, map the appropriate column in your CSV file to tags you’d like to add for your contact.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Fixed an issue where Merge and Fix on large number of contacts would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where global search would freeze for users with large numbers of contacts or groups.

  • Fixed an issue where CSV importing would fail for large numbers of rows.

  • Fixed an issue where email verification (for changing email) would fail for some users)

  • Fixed a layout issue where text in the timeline page would not display properly

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Don’t keep in touch’ was not recognized as part of the getting started checklist.

  • Fixed an issue where archived contacts were included in the Merge and Fix process.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where links would not deep-link into the app appropriately.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping on push notifications would not consistently open the appropriate screen.

  • Fixed an issue where birthdays would not be shown in the correct order.

August 2023: Organize with Tags 🏷️

You can now organize your contacts with another layer of organization.

Watch a 2-minute video on how tags can be used here.

Get started from the contact page by clicking the Tags section or use the ‘t’ shortcut when viewing a contact:

Here are a few more details about how you can use tags:

  • Tag with AI: Don’t want to spend time manually tagging? Use GPT and AI to tag contacts with ‘AI Auto Tag’:

  • Filter with Tags: Use one or more tags as a filter condition. Alongside groups and other existing filter conditions, you can create powerful flexible views.

  • View all contacts in a tag by clicking a tag.

We’ve built tags to be highly flexible --- use them to keep track of interests, custom relationship/sales status, and more!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

General fixes and improvements:

  • Desktop App no longer overrides Ctrl+F (‘search’) behavior.

  • Global Notes Search now properly shows related contacts and highlights relevant matching snippets.

  • Reminders page now shows the related contact.

  • By default, contacts are now unselected after performing a bulk action.

  • Made the clickable area for adding Groups and Tags larger.

  • Fixed an issue where the contact sidebar would not scroll properly on all pages.

  • Fixed an issue where long notes would not display properly on the timeline page.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a group from the extension would not be formatted correctly.

  • Renamed the ‘Add to Dex’ button in the extension to ‘Add Note’ for clarity.

  • Fixed an issue where the global search page would incorrectly show loading state if accessed from the contact page.

  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar on the contact page would not display properly on narrow windows.

  • Fixed an issue where browser default shortcuts would be overridden with certain modals.

  • Fixed an issue where merging large number of contacts would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where archiving large number of contacts would fail.

  • Other minor polish and stability fixes.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where reminders were not appearing upon creation.

  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash when going back from specific screens.

  • Fixed an issue where the Contact Detail screen on Android had jittery scrolling.

  • Fixed an issue with the Card Scanning feature not working consistently on iOS and Android.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong email/phone was deleted in the Edit Contact screen.

  • Fixed an issue where groups were not being deleted upon pressing the “Delete group” button.

  • Fixed an issue where the LinkedIn button in the Contact Detail screen didn’t work for contacts with no LinkedIn set.

  • Fixed an issue where Map View contacts did not update when moving the map.

July 2023: Dex API ⚙️

Our new API enables the integration and automation of key functions related to your data:

Contacts: With this new feature, you can automatically fetch, create, update, and delete contacts in Dex. This means less time spent on data entry and more time for fostering relationships.

Reminders: Our new integration will automate the fetches, creation, updates, and deletion of reminders, ensuring you never miss an important task or meeting.

Notes: This new feature will automatically fetch, create, and update your notes with key activities, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your relationship context.

Right now, the API is available only as a set of endpoints, which you can find as a Postman collection here. Get started by creating an API key from the settings page. Keep an eye out for future Zapier integrations, coming soon!

Check out our guide for more information: https://guide.getdex.com/dex-user-api

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

General fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where archiving many contacts would cause Dex to freeze.

  • Fixed an issue where our Merge and Fix operation would freeze for a large number of contacts

  • Fixed an issue where our referral program would give 15insteadof15 instead of 20 of referral credit in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue where some users were able to create multiple subscriptions.

June 2023: Filter on all Companies and Education 📚

Filter on all Companies and Education 📚

Based on your feedback, we’ve understood how being able to precisely find the right person is critical. As of today, you can filter on all companies and educations a contact has been a part of:

Here’s more about these new options:

Companies (LinkedIn): Choosing a company name here will allow you to match any contacts which have that company in their current or past LinkedIn work history. For example, create a view of ex-Googlers.

Education (LinkedIn): Adding this filter allows you to look up contacts based on educational institution and create views like “Stanford Founders”.

Multiple Values: Specify one or more companies or schools by separating the values with a comma.

Read more about these new filter options here:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Fixed an issue where emails forwarded into Dex would not be handled properly.

  • Fixed an issue where group and view names were cutoff.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting subgroups would delete the wrong group.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where contacts in the Map View were not always properly formatted.

  • Fixed an issue where reminders were not properly sorted on the reminders tab.

  • Fixed an issue where notes on the contact screen did not always refresh after merging.

  • Improved the mobile merge and fix page with a new streamlined design.

May 2023: Home Screen Swipe ➡️ + Affiliate Program

Home Screen Swipe ➡️

We’ve updated our mobile app to support swipe actions, so you can quickly dismiss a keep-in-touch reminder or birthday on the go:

Affiliate Program💰

Are you enjoying Dex? If you have an audience, we’d love for you to join our new affiliate program become a Dex Ambassador! Receive $25 per referred customer and learn more here:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Fixed an issue where search results for notes would not be formatted consistently.

  • Contacts in subgroups are now displayed when viewing a parent group.

  • Fixed an issue where merging many contacts (like on the merge and fix page) would fail

  • Fixed an issue where payments would not be processed until 1-7 days after payment due date.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where users who already updated on the web were able to upgrade again.

  • Fixed an issue where birthday dates in some cases were off by a month.

  • Fixed an issue where automatic updates were not consistently applied on Android devices.

  • Fixed an issue where grouping and ordering on the keep-in-touch page was inconsistent.

April 2023: Write LinkedIn Messages with GPT 🖊️

Write LinkedIn Messages with GPT 🖊️

Dealing with a lot of LinkedIn messages? We are too.

The Dex browser extension now enables you to draft and reply to LinkedIn messages via GPT!

  • 💬 Thoughtful thread-specific responses; Dex considers previous messages as context, so suggestions

  • 🖱️ Works with just one click, in your browser. Click the Dex button again for more suggestions for the best place to start.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Added filters based on contact creation date.

  • Modified the timeline page to show timeline notes in a more dense manner.

  • Introduced bulk notes importer via CSV file.

  • Added the option to star/unstar contacts in bulk (select multiple contacts -> ‘Edit’)

  • Made the assist progress bar faster.

  • Improved the emoji picker positioning of the main sidebar.

  • Updated the reminder page to read ‘next 30 days’ for month reminders to reflect the actual display of reminders.

  • Replaced the sending SMS with QR code for prompts to download the mobile app.

  • Improved the infinite scroll in dashboard for LinkedIn title changes.

  • Improved the facebook import experience.

  • Restored scroll position in contacts list after contacts are modified.

  • Added autocomplete for emails to the share contacts window.

  • Fixed an issue where users would export contacts with undefined group names.

  • Fixed formatting for the banner when users completed the Dex checklist page.

  • Fixed an issue where the merge with popup would show archived contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where groups could be set as a parent for itself.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dex Command Bar would not set last interaction to the correct user timezone.

For the mobile app:

  • Added a visually streamlined and improved contacts, settings, login, reminders, and timeline screens.

  • The ‘New phone contacts’ section will filter out existing contacts by name and phone number.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping the LinkedIn title change notification did not open Network Updates screen.

  • Fixed an issue where some users could not delete their account from the mobile app.

  • Other bugfixes and improvements.

March 2023: ’@ mention’ and faster AI 🏃🪄

’@ mention’ 🏷️

Tagging contacts is now available across Dex (previously only on web). With the Dex mobile app, tap the ’@’ icon to search for contact when adding a note. Adding multiple contacts is now even easier:

Faster AI Conversation Starters 🪄

Thanks for the tremendous response to our AI conversation starters released last month! We’re excited to share that these conversation starters are almost 4x faster and also sound more natural. Give it a try with the ‘AI Assist’ button on a contact:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Contacts list now loads faster and is paginated, making initial page loads faster. The list layout has also been updated to handle window resizing better.

  • The sync page shows the last LinkedIn sync date.

  • Custom Fields can now be exported via CSV.

  • Gmail messages load more relibly in the contact timeline.

  • Referral program credit amount has now been increased to 20 USD.

  • Updated various components to be more dense and compact.

  • Improved load times in global search bar.

  • Fixed an issue where contacts would not export when no contacts were checked.

  • Fixed an issue where not all the reminders on the reminders page were shown.

  • Fixed an issue where certain forms would submit twice when using enter key.

  • Fixed an issue where enhancing contacts via keyboard shortcut would not work consistently.

  • Fixed an issue where archiving a contact would not remove them from the birthday section of the today page.

  • Fixed an issue where up/down keyboard shortcuts would not work properly.

  • Fixed an issue where search on the archived contacts page would not work correctly.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where importing contacts would not work consistently with Android.

  • Launched a streamlined contact detail screen with more compact layout.

  • Streamlined the reminder creation/update flow.

  • Updated the visual styling of the home page.

February 2023 (pt. 2): Conversation starters, powered by AI 🪄

AI Conversation Starters 🪄

Dex is your source of truth, with key details about your last interactions, how you met your contacts and more.

Today, we’re excited the share the first of our AI-powered features designed to help you make the most of our source of truth. When you’re reaching out to someone, use our ‘AI Assist’ feature to generate relevant conversation starters:

  • 📝 Based on your own notes

  • 💼 Customized for a contacts’ professional experience

  • 🪄 Write about anything

On a contact page, use the Shift+A keyboard shortcut or click the ‘AI Assist’ button to quickly generate a few conversation starters:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Improved performance when loading all contacts or groups with large number of contacts.

  • Added support for M1/M2 Mac devices for the for the Dex Desktop app.

  • Fixed an issue where the search function would not work for Archived Contacts,

  • Fixed an issue where keyboard navigation (j/k) didn’t work on the contacts list.

  • Fixed an issue where whatsapp and telegram links would not work on the contact table (even when a phone number was set)

  • Fixed an issue where home page shortcuts (up/down/enter) were not working correctly

For the mobile app:

  • Added new visual styling to the home page.

  • Fixed an issue where users would be asked to do quick action on contacts which already had a keep-in-touch frequency.

February 2023 (pt. 1): Share Contacts from Dex 🔗

Share Contacts 🔗

You can now share your contacts in Dex. If you’ve ever wanted to refer a client, or check-in about an introduction, Dex now makes the process easy.

  • Sharing a Dex also attaches .vcf file; the recipient can add the contact on Outlook or their phone.

  • The recipient doesn’t need a Dex account (but if they have one, they can add to Dex easily)

To share a contact, click the share icon on a contact page:

Location Autocomplete 🖥️📍

If you’re adding a location to a contact (but don’t know their exact address), we’ll now suggest cities based on Google Maps data:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue for LinkedIn sync where connections were synced without names.

  • Fixed an issue for LinkedIn sync where syncs for users with many connections would fail.

  • Fixed an issue for one-way Google Contacts sync where syncs would be delayed for more than an hour

For the web/desktop app:

  • Recurring reminders can now be marked complete and have their own section

  • Add Calendar or Email notice now stays closed, if closed by the user

  • Miscellaneous user-interface tweaks and improvements

  • Users are now able to set a password if they originally logged in with Google or Apple

  • Fixed an issue where the search bar would show outdated results when typing

  • Fixed an issue where magic link logging-in would not work for some users

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn’t disconnect Gmail accounts

  • Fixed an issue where keyboard navigation (j/k) didn’t work on the contacts list

For the mobile app:

  • Mobile address autocomplete: when adding an address, we’ll also autocomplete based on Google Maps data. (soon to be added to the location field as well)

  • Added an improved ‘Import phone contacts’ flow that’s faster and more reliable

  • Redesigned the home page to have a more balanced size and compactness (your feedback is welcome!)

  • Replaced the calendar view with a calendar popup that allows you to take a note based on a calendar event

  • Other miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements

January 2023: Mobile Map View 🌎 📲

Mobile Map View 🌎 📲

Last year, we’ve released our map view, which allows you to see who you know, and where they’re located. We’re excited to bring this to Dex for iOS and Android, on the go.

To access the map view, click the Map icon in the upper right hand corner of the home or contacts screen:

Like on the web, you can search for locations, and drag the map around. As you try this feature, consider:

  • Contact locations are consistent with the web/desktop app and are based on either the address or location of your contacts.

  • There’s no limit of contacts shown, but for 10k+ contacts, performance may be slower than usual. If this a major limitation, request group filters on the map view.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

For the web/desktop app:

  • Recurring reminders can now be marked as completed. Recurring reminders show in a different section in the reminders page.

  • Fixed an issue where merging contacts from LinkedIn would not always choose the most recent LinkedIn value, leading to the repeated creation of duplicated contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where sorting would be incorrect for the ‘Merge with’ window.

  • Aligned line-height and spacing across the application.

  • Fixed an issue where initial LinkedIn sync would take a more than an hour.

  • Fixed an issue where hovering over a search result in the global search results page would not show a hover affect.

  • Fixed a issue where certain users would get stuck during onboarding

  • Fixed an issue where certain font sizes were too small in the extension page.

  • Allow users to hide/show the email button baed off of workflow settings.

For the mobile app:

  • Added the ‘Telegram’ field that is now editable.

  • Fixed an issue where photos from business card scanning would not always save successfully.

  • Fixed an issue where list items would occasionally duplicate across the application.

December 2022: Geographic Filters and Views 🌎🔎

Geographic Filters and Views 🌎🔎

Following the release of our map view, and views, we’re releasing filters and views based on contact location.

  • Before, you could create filters on a the ‘Location’ field, but this field might have different values for ‘NYC’ ‘New York’, and ‘Manhattan’

  • Now, you can create a filter on a new ‘Map Location’ based on a geocoded values. A view for to 15 miles within ‘New York City’ and will catch all ‘Manhattan’ and ‘New York’ — it will also take into consideration the values set for a contacts’ address.

As with all filter conditions, you can create and views with this filter, making it possible to create robust views like ‘Founders in New York City.’

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved contact search speed and relevance across products.

  • Fixed an issue where auto-enhanced LinkedIn information would not show for some contacts. Auto-enhance latency is now improved for all contacts.

  • Added a setting for users to turn off emails and push notifications for new LinkedIn connections.

For the web/desktop app:

  • Added email, phone, and name filters.

  • Added a button users can use to email contacts on the contacts’ page.

  • Links in contact descriptions are now clickable.

  • Changed the timeline to only show non-recurring calendar events with attendees.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Import from Gmail’ would fail for users with large numbers of emails.

  • Fixed an issue where notes export would export without line breaks.

  • Fixed an issue where the search page would not reflect changes made to contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where date custom fields could not be edited for some contacts.

For the mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where an option to add a telegram link was not present on the mobile details screen

  • Fixed an issue where line breaks would not render correctly for some notes.

  • Fixed an issue where addresses saved during business card scanning would not save correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicates would sometimes show on the main contacts list.

November 2022 (part 2): Business Card Scanning 👓

Business Card Scanning 👓

Whether from networking event or your decades-old rolodex, business cards still are common way to exchange contact information. Dex makes it seamless work with (and digitize) business cards.

  • From Dex mobile app home screen, tap the scan icon in the top right corner.

  • We’ll automatically read and detect card information, and pre-fill a form you can submit and edit.

  • A picture of the business card will also be saved to the new contact — you’ll always have a record.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Added LinkedIn title changes to contact timeline.

  • Improved the speed and reliability of LinkedIn sync.

For the web and desktop applications:

  • Added scroll on long lists of related contacts/groups in the contact sidebar

  • Long notes are now displayed better

  • Fixed an issue where links links in the contact description could not be opened

  • Customizing your social networks will also show/hide different fields for the sidebar on the contacts page

  • Added alphabetical ordering for subgroups in sidebar

  • Fixed an issue during that would break LinkedIn sync for new users.

  • Fixed an issue where the contact timeline would not refresh if the user creates a new note that includes the open contact

  • Fixed a bug on CSV contacts import where it was announcing the completion of the import process before it was complete

  • Fixed a problem where the user was able to tag only 20 contacts on the note creation (using the multi-select feature)

  • Fixed a problem where the locations page were reloaded contacts incorrectly.

  • Fixed a problem on LinkedIn Sync when trying to sync LinkedIn without a logged-in account.

  • Fixed a problem where the Dex Command bar would not consistently able to set linked contacts or groups in the contact details screen

  • Fixed an issue where the calendar event popup created multiple contacts

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the update of date custom field.s

For the Dex mobile app:

  • Fixed an issue where deleting accounts would not work consistently

  • Added drag re-ordering for emails and phone numbers in contact detail screen

  • Fixed an issue where signing in with Google failed for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue where resetting user passwords failed for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue where Dex would not consistently notify users via push notifications when first LinkedIn sync finishes.

November 2022 (part 1): Upcoming Fundraising + Network Updates 🔔

Network Updates 🔔

After connecting your LinkedIn account, we’ll let you know when your connections’ titles change. You can view these changes on the Today page.

We’ve redesigned these changes to allow you to quickly see what’s changed, at a glance:

Email and Phone Reordering

For contacts with multiple emails and phone numbers, you can now set priority and order. Simply drag-and-drop on the web and mobile app. The first email/phone will be used when you start an email or call from Dex.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • 🖥️ Customizing your social networks will also show/hide different fields for the sidebar on the contacts page

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where exporting large numbers of contacts would fail.

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where editing views would be paywalled for basic plan users.

  • large numbers of contacts would fail.

  • 🖥️ Fixed a broken link to the import page from the settings page.

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where the ‘Esc’ key would cause unwanted behavior to the sidebar

  • broken link to the import page from the settings page.

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where updating titles would fail for certain contacts.

  • 🖥️ ’@’ mentioning contacts will now update the add note form, so you can remove contacts you want to link but not associate with a note

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where views would include would fail for certain contacts.

  • 📱 Fixed an issue where the ‘star’ icon did not work consistently.

  • 📱 Fixed an issue where reminder dates would not save consistently or be off by one day

  • 📱Fixed an issue where creating a reminder from the bottom tab bar would crash for certain devices

  • 📱Fixed an issue where images saved/imported from the mobile app would not display correctly on desktop devices

  • 🖥️ Fixed an issue where exporting large numbers of contacts would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where signing in with Google failed for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue where resetting your password failed for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue where Dex would not consistently notify users when their first LinkedIn sync finishes.

October 2022 (part 2): Map View 🌎

Today we’re releasing the most commonly requested feature this year: a map of your contacts.

If you travel for work, or want to see who’s in town, Dex can help. ⬇️

View your map view here.

Map View 🌎

From the left sidebar, click ‘Map’ to open a map of your contacts. We’ll automatically place contacts on the map based off of their set location, or address. (addresses take priority):

Moving around the map will change the list of contacts next to the map. The map view is only available on the web/desktop app, and will also populate on LinkedIn location values. A few other notes:

  • Open from a contact screen: next to a contacts’ location, click ‘Open in Map’ to see nearby contacts.

  • Contacts by Location: this screen has been removed from the sidebar and is now accessible on the bottom right corner of the map view.

  • Map View refresh: when locations are edited from the map view, you may need to refresh the map view to see changes updated appropriately.

  • Coming soon: Geo-specific filters and a map view on mobile.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback on this newly released feature.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Search Improvements: greatly improved the relevance of contact search across web and mobile.

  • Global Caching: Updated our contact layouts to cache more data on your device. Opening a contact should now feel more responsive.

  • Mobile app startup-speed: we now cache more effectively to ensure that mobile app loads re

  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded on the mobile app were not successfully synced to web/desktop applications.

  • Fixed an issue where LinkedIn sync would only partially sync a users’ connections

  • Fixed an issue where the web and desktop applications could not edit certain notes created on the mobile app

  • Fixed an issue where updating frequency or other fields for over a thousand contacts would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+C or CMD+c would not work in certain note creation screens

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong note emoji would display in the global search screen

  • Ordering for the groups selection in the command bar is now the same as in the sidebar (ordered alphabetically)

  • Fixed an issue on the mobile app where the groups detail screen would refresh incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where two search bars would show up when opening a contact.

  • Fixed an issue where certain notes would not show up in the global search view.

October 2022 (part 1): Views 🔎

Dex exists to make your network more manageable. Today, we’ve implemented a substantial step forward in making our filters more saveable and more useful.

If you’ve ever wondered “Who are all the startup founders in network?” this new release is well worth your attention.

Views 🔎

From the left sidebar, a new ‘Views’ section will appear above groups. These views are a set of shared filters.

  • Default views: we’ve created views for existing users to show you what views can do — feel free to delete or customize these!

  • Views are saved with contact filters. Contacts are refreshed each time you open a view.

  • In a view page, you can still sort and search, like you can with all your contacts on the contacts page. 💪

Hope you find this new feature useful, and do let us know about the views you end up creating!

Note Improvements 🖊️

To make the most of Dex, you’ll want to take notes after meetings. We’ve added formatting on notes you create on the mobile app, simply tap the ‘T’ icon (already an option on web):

In addition, we’ve improved the Timeline page on the web, making it possible to:

  • Click a note to view

  • Right click a note to copy to clipboard

  • Double click to edit a note

Lastly, we’ve also fixed a few bugs we’ve found on the timeline experience (see below).

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Push notifications: Fixed an issue where new users created in September would not consistently receive push notifications. This issue will be resolved after you open the mobile app.

  • Added button focus indicators, making it possible to ‘tab through’ a few common flows.

  • Fixed an issue where editing or deleting notes on the timeline page would not update the timeline page.

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling on the timeline page would load items in the wrong wrong dates

  • Fixed an issue where switching tabs on the timeline page would reset filters.

  • Fixed an issue where email template newlines and symbols were not appropriately handled.

  • Fixed an issue where certain files with uppercase file names could not be uploaded.

  • Fixed an issue where resizing sidebars would cause layout issues on the main search bar.

  • Fixed an issue where filtering by groups would lead to a large option list that wasn’t scrollable.

  • Fixed an issue where merging certain contacts would not work if two duplicate contacts were part of the same note.

September 2022: Auto Enhance ✨🪄

Dex enhance allows you to make of the most of your network by adding relevant education and work experience. It’s easier than ever to use this feature, since we now automatically enhance your contacts!

Also launching this month, more ways to customize your Dex experience! ⬇️

Auto Enhance ✨🪄

When you create or update contacts with LinkedIn information, we’ll automatically enhance the contact with a LinkedIn Bio, Experience, Education, location, and a profile image.

  • Note: this feature is only available for users with a Dex subscription. If you’d like to trial this feature, email support@getdex.com

  • We’re also applying auto-enhance to existing contacts in the coming days.

Subgroup Icon

If you’re a poweruser of our groups / subgroups feature, we’ve added an indicator to show which groups in the sidebar have subgroups:

Sidebar Customization 🖱️

Whether you’re on a laptop or ultrawide monitor, you can now resize the Dex sidebar to your preference:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Upgrade flow: Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to upgrade their plan. 🤦

  • Timeline Page: The timeline page is now more efficiently cached and loads more quickly. This is a major fix for users with many notes/events/reminders. Fixed an issue where the new note form would not render properly.

  • Company Display: ‘Company’ is now added an optional display property you can toggle.

  • Added Ukrainian/Russian/special character support for our export functions.

  • Added a telegram field users can set which overrides Telegram look-up by phone number.

  • Added the option to add a note from one-or-more ‘checked’ contacts from the Contacts page.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Refer to Dex’ page had the wrong page title.

  • Fixed an issue where two of the same note would be created in certain cases on the web/desktop apps.

  • Fixed an issue where, on certain versions of the Android app, contact import would fail for large imports.

  • Fixed an issue where downloaded vCards did not contain phone numbers that could be parsed my Outlook.

  • Fixed an issue where updating the location of many contacts would fail for large numbers of contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where ’!’ shortcuts would not work properly on the quick action game

  • Addressed many minor styling and layout inconsistencies.

August 2022: Dex’s new look 💅

If you’ve logged in on the web recently, you’ve noticed we’ve given the Dex experience a whole new look!

With this new release, we’ve also launched many long-awaited improvements, including for search. Check them out below. ⬇️

Dex 2.0 💅

We’ve revamped the web interface to improve navigation and consistency:

A few notable changes:

  • Persistent sidebar makes it clear where you are in the app, and shows you other options you can choose.

    • Sub-menus make it easier to discover functionality
  • Redesigned settings page breaks down how you can customize Dex

  • New visual language across pages provides a more consistent experience

  • Stability, robustness, and performance improvements (see below)

We’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback on this new look!

Mobile Keep-in-Touch 🤝

We’ve improved the mobile keep-in-touch view, so you can now view contacts by upcoming keep-in-touch in addition to by frequency:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Note Drafting: If you start a note, but forget to press ‘save,’ we’ll automatically save so you can pick up where you left off.

  • Push Notifications for Title Changes: When new title changes are ready, we’ll send a push notification for mobile app users.

  • Mobile Update Notifications: When opening an old version of the app, you’ll be prompted to update.

  • Search Reliability: Fixed an issue where searching for the same name would return different results on web.

  • Search Ordering: Search functions (including for ’@’ tagging, are now sorted by last interaction first to show more relevant contacts).

  • Table Sort Preferences: When sorting the contact table by a specific field, these preferences will be saved.

  • Fixed an issue where, when editing birthdays on the mobile app, days of the month would be obscured on certain versions of iOS.

  • Fixed an issue where address field saving would not work consistently.

  • Fixed an issue where referral emails would not send successfully from the ‘refer a friend’ page.

  • Fixed an issue where the Desktop app would get stuck on the loading screen for certain users.

July 2022: Mobile Attachments 📲

Mobile Attachments 📲

If you’re working on the go, you can now add images and other files from the Dex mobile app. Add one or files, and access them from the web, extension, or another mobile device:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Duplicated Title Changes: Fixed an issue where title change notifications would be created when the titles were not changed.

  • Mobile Link Handling: Fixed an issue where the billing page would not open correctly on the mobile app.

  • LinkedIn Sync: Fixed issues where new users would see delays in their first LinkedIn Sync.

  • Added for an option to filter Keep-in-touch frequency for contacts that are ‘Uncategorized’

  • Fixed an issue where the contacts page table would be misaligned when showing groups.

  • Fixed an issue where the filters popover would close when changing an option value.

  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete was not working properly on a single-select custom field.

  • Fixed an issue where address autocomplete was not working for some users on the web.

  • Fixed an issue where the merge and fix modal would show the currently open contact.

June 2022: Advanced Filters🧮

Advanced Filters 🧮

You can new filter and view your contacts with more power. The default table view for contacts has been redesigned to be cleaner, more informative, and easier to use:

New combine-able filters on group, last interaction, title and more allow you to see only contacts you care about.

(and coming soon, saved filters!)

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Title Changes on Mobile: Added title change notifications / feed to the mobile app.

  • Mobile Link Handling: Fixed an issue where links from email notifications would not properly link into the Dex Mobile app.

  • LinkedIn Sync: Continued to improve the speed, reliability, and regularity of our LinkedIn connection

  • Fixed an issue where birthdays would show with the wrong day-of-week in the weekly digest.

  • Fixed an issue where reminders from the wrong year would send on the wrong day-of.

  • Fixed an issue where the LinkedIn extension integration begin loading after opening a contact.

  • Fixed an issue where the LinkedIn extension integration would not add contacts for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue where certain Google Calendars would be delayed in syncing, or would sync only partially.

  • Fixed an issue where importing large number of Facebook contacts would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where Dex Premium mobile in-app purchase currencies were not correctly displayed.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and social links 🔗

If you use WhatsApp or just a few social networks, we now let choose how Dex links!

  • On the web client, click ‘Customize’ next to show only the social networks you care about

  • On mobile, tap the ‘More’ menu, ‘Settings’, then ‘Social links’.

For contacts with a phone number, you can now link into WhatsApp and Telegram (on web and mobile). Manage your social link settings here and customize Dex to fit your own personal workflow!

Mobile Merge📲

Duplicate contacts are inevitable as you import from multiple places. If our Merge and Fix flow doesn’t get it quite right automatically, it’s now even easier to merge contacts within the Dex mobile app:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Referral Links: Fixed an issue where referral links would not loud the signup flow properly.

  • Gmail Sync: Fixed an issue where some users would have email stop syncing. This fix is being retroactively applied for affected users.

  • LinkedIn Sync: Fixed an issue where existing users who had connected LinkedIn accounts would not sync consistently. This issue is now fixed, and affected users who may need to reconnect their account have been notified.

  • LinkedIn Sync Login Flow: The speed and reliability of connecting a LinkedIn account is improved. You can connect a LinkedIn account from the sync page.

  • iOS Push Notifications: Fixed an issue where push notifications on iOS would not send reliably (Android users not affected). Users may need to reopen the app for this fix to take effect.

  • Fixed an issue where connecting a LinkedIn account would not work on Safari.

  • On mobile, the ‘new phone contacts’ section now excludes contacts synced by Dex.

  • On mobile, the mobile app now shows relevant Google Calendar events from Dex.

Mar 2022: Groups and Subgroups 🗃️

Groups and Subgroups 🗃️

Groups can help you get a better sense of who you know. New this month: you now can add subgroups and organize your network with more control. To get started, edit a group to set a ‘Parent Group,’ or create new subgroups directly:

For all groups, we’ll continue to show contacts that belong to a specific group. Subgroups allow you to stay organized on the sidebar, and also visualize this relationship in the Network View:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Android Mobile App: Fixed an issue where the app would not open for new users.

  • Mobile Import Contacts Flow: Fixed a new issue where having contacts without a name would prevent the import contacts flow from working properly.

  • Note Autosave: Fixed an issue where unsaved notes would not be saved automatically

  • Last Interaction from Email: Fixed an issue where last interaction would not reliably updated from new emails from connected Gmail accounts. Note: this fix is not retroactive.

  • Fixed an issue where after adding a note successfully, the note form would still contain the previous note.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate notes would be created from the timeline page on Firefox.

  • Fixed an issue where importing large numbers of contacts (10,000+) via the mobile app would cause a crash.

Feb 2022: LinkedIn App Integration

As in-person events become more common, we’re launching new mobile workflows! If you use the LinkedIn app on your phone, you’ll find them especially useful.

Share From LinkedIn 📱

Adding new connections on the go from the LinkedIn app? Now you can add or lookup contacts from the LinkedIn app into Dex.

On a LinkedIn profile, tap ‘Share’ and choose Dex. We’ll show you the matching contact, or add the matching contact information:

(this works on both our iOS and Android apps!)

LinkedIn Mobile Search 🔎

If you have contacts you want to find on LinkedIn, we’ve made it even easier. On desktop, use the LinkedIn button and the browser extension.

On mobile, our new social search feature allows you search and set a LinkedIn profile with the quickly and easily:

After linking, we’ll able to add enhance the contact with a profile picture, image, title, and more ✨

Superhuman as Email Client

Use Superhuman as an email client? Update your email client in workflow settings and link emails from Dex directly to Superhuman.

Snooze All

Dealing with too many keep-in-touch contacts? Now you can ‘Snooze all’ your keep-in-touch reminders, from the Today page. Dex will automatically spread your reminders out over next few weeks.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • LinkedIn Sync: Fixed an issue affecting some users where new LinkedIn connections would not sync properly. This fix is currently being retroactively applied.

  • Merge and Fix Speed: Merge and fix operations are now faster, especially for large operations.

  • Archive and Delete Performance: Fixed an issue where deleting or archiving contacts would fail when handling large number of contacts (2000+)

  • Free user functionality: free users are now able to sync email accounts.

  • Feed Items Export: you can now export LinkedIn title changes as a .CSV file.

  • Added a new upgrade page for more clarity on our pricing tiers.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘r’ shortcut for focusing a new note modal would not work reliably.

  • Fixed an issue where contact sync would be enabled by default for new users who created an account through the web flow.

  • Fixed an issue where title changes would show for archived contacts

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Merge all’ would redirect to the wrong URL on completion.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘delete all contacts’ function on the mobile app would fail for large number of contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where Enhance data would overwrite with a blank title.

  • Fixed an issue where contact sync created unwanted duplicates for some users.

Jan 2022 (part 2): Email Integration 📧

For our second update of the year, we’re excited to share the release of our most requested feature, ever. You can now integrate with G Mail and G Suite emails:

Email Integration📧

After connecting your email, get started on the Sync & Integrations page, here’s what to expect:

  • Relevant Emails: On a contact, see emails sent or received by contact. Note: the contact will need to have one or more emails for this to work.

  • Last Interaction: When opening a contact, we’ll update last intearction with the date of your last email

  • Metadata only: Dex does not ask for full email permissions, just metadata (recipients and subjects)

Import from Email & Calendar

With our email integration also comes two new import functions:

  • Import from Email: See a list of contact to import, sorted by how many emails you’ve sent to them.

  • Import from Calendar: Find the people you’ve met with from your calendar, sorted by how many calendar meetings you’ve had with them.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Email Autocomplete: The email fields on the right panel of Dex now autocomplete with past emails.

  • Reset Last Interaction: It is not possible to skip last interaction with the CommandBar

  • Merge and Fix Data Integrity: Merge and fix now preserves special characters like + in phone numbers, and email/phone labels.

  • Fixed an issue where new users wouldn’t have calendars synced (fixed retroactively for affected users)

  • Fixed an issue where the formatting tooltip for a new note would be sometimes cutoff.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a group would not change the appropriate window name

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Add Contact’ popup would not start with focus

  • Fixed an issue where tagging with ’@’ would show the wrong search results.

  • Aligned styling in the calendar detail row on the today page to be a consistent shade of gray

Extension Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the Facebook import process would hang for some users.

  • Twitter Extension importing now functions for new hexagon NFT profiles.

  • Twitter Extension importing now includes location, when available.

Jan 2022 (part 1): Network View🔮

Welcome to 2022! 🎉 We’re kicking the new year off with an exciting new feature, our Network View.

Network View 🔮

Understand your network better with the Dex Network View. See who knows who, and always find the right person.

  • Groups: See everyone in your groups, and and organize quickly and easily..

  • Related Contacts: Drag-and-drop contacts to link related contacts, and view the web of who knows who

Try the network view on web or desktop apps today. Let us know what you think!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Checklist: Fixed an issue where certain users were not able to complete the checklist on the keyboard shortcuts / extension step.

  • Email Templates: Mailto links for a contact now use a configurable email template (set this in Settings > Dex Workflow)

  • Notes/Events CSV Export: Notes and events export now include contact names, emails, and note/event type (including custom types)

  • Fixed an issue where contact descriptions would not render properly in global search.

  • Fixed an issue where the groups browser page included archived contacts.

  • Fixed an issue where tagging with ’@’ would search inconsistently with spaces.

  • Updated ’#’ shortcuts to archive, rather than delete, contacts.

  • Updated the labeling of the create reminder shortcut, which is shift+r.

Dec 2021: Recurring Reminders ⏰

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season 🎄. We hope you’re staying safe and well.

Recurring Reminders ⏰

Need to remember a special date, anniversary, or holiday? You can now create recurring reminders in Dex.

  • 🔁 Create a reminder which repeats every week, month, quarter, or year.

  • 🔔 Receive an email and push notification on the date of each reminder.🔔

  • 🤝 Used with keep-in-touch reminders, recurring reminders can make sure you never miss an important date.

Get started by adding a reminder (Shift+R) anywhere in Dex!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Bundle Size: Improved the efficiency of fetching the Dex web app and Desktop app.

  • Search: Improved the speed and performance of various search functions across Dex

  • Fixed an issue where Merge and Fix and imports would fail with invalid contact birthdays.

  • Fixed an issue where contact selectors would sometimes remove the incorrect contact.

  • Fixed an issue where certain pages would be not responsive after new deploy until reloaded.

  • Fixed an issue where the checklist would not show as completed unless reloaded.

  • Fixed an issue where Dex extension redirects would not work correctly

Nov 2021 (part 1): LinkedIn Sync 🔄

We’re excited to share the launch of one our most highly requested features this month, sync with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Sync 🔄

Dex can now seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn. After connecting your LinkedIn account:

  • 🔨LinkedIn Connections will be added to Dex, and kept-up-to-date. We’ll automatically update your contacts’ title, picture, and more continually.

  • 📧 We’ll send you notifications when your LinkedIn Connections’ titles change. When your connections start a new job it’s the prefect opportunity to reach out.

Getting started by visiting the Sync and Integrations page and check out our video guide here:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Merge and Fix on LinkedIn Contacts: Fixed an issue where Merge and Fix would not detect duplicates from LinkedIn

  • Merge and Fix Page: Fixed an issue where clicking an individual ‘Merge’ button would not reset page state

  • Suggested Groups: For new users, suggest groups to create for new users.or long timeline notes, we automatically include a ‘Show more’ link to expand notes.

  • LinkedIn Extension: Fixed an issue where the Dex Extension would not add into recent LinkedIn page layouts. Also added a Dex Icon to titles on LinkedIn

Nov 2021 (part 1): Attachments 📎

If you’ve ever wanted to add files, resumes, or images into Dex, you now can! Starting today, add attachments to your timeline notes and keep everything in one place.


When adding a timeline note, click the small paperclip icon to choose one-or-more files to attach.

Note: this is a web and desktop only feature (mobile coming soon!)

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Long Notes: For long timeline notes, we automatically include a ‘Show more’ link to expand notes.

  • Extension Duplicates: Fixed an issue where the Dex Extension, when used to add a contact, would add multiple duplicates.

  • Referral Links: Fixed an issue where certain users would not get credit for their referral link being used.

  • Mobile Add: Fixed an issue where users were not able to create a new contact.

  • Mobile Onboarding: Fixed an issue where certain Android users were not able to finish onboarding successfully.

  • Mobile Paywall: Fixed an issue where the paywall would be displayed on mobile even for users who upgraded on the website.

Oct 2021 (part 2!): Enhance ✨

If you’re on Dex, get a complete picture for a contact with our new feature, enhance!

With one click, pull information from external data sources including title, picture, image, work experience, and more.

Enhance ✨

When you have a contact open, click the Enhance button (the magic wand) to get started:

  • Enhance is primarily based on LinkedIn; we’ll enhance contacts automatically when you manually add a LinkedIn link.

  • Enhance is currently only available on the web and desktop app for Premium users

  • Enhance a contact with CMD+K + ‘Enhance’

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Import: Fixed an issue preventing users from importing certain contacts.

  • Performance Issue: Fixed an issue where performance was degraded during a database migration.

  • Today Page: Updated the today page with new styling and more consistent action options

  • Reminder Styling: We now show the contact name for reminders with a single contact

  • CSV Import: You can now import birthday year and addresses during import from .CSV files.

  • Groups Styling: Updated styling for the groups page (with long descriptions) and the group Sidebar

  • Calendar Popup: Fixed an issue where a related note for a Calendar item would not show bulleting/formatting.

  • Contact Filters: Added new contact table filters including ‘Has Facebook’ and ‘Has LinkedIn’

Oct 2021 (part 1!): Mobile Social Search 🔎 and Custom Event Types

Need to add Facebook, LinkedIn, or other profiles on the go? Search and add social profiles with just a tap with new mobile social search.

Also new in release, a much-requested feature for custom types on timeline notes 📝

Mobile Social Search 🔎

If you’ve created or imported a contact from your phone, you might want to add social profiles. We’ve made it easier than ever to add them:

  • Open a contact

  • Tap a social media icon

  • You’ll be prompted to search or paste in a link

  • Choose ‘Search’ and add the correct profile in just one tap ⚡

Custom Event Types 📝

You can now customize the types for your timeline notes in a contact’s timeline!

  • When creating a new note, in the event type dropdown click ‘Custom’ to get started.

  • You can also rename/remove note types you aren’t using.

  • Each event type can also can have an emoji of your choice! 🤡

  • **Note: **custom event types are currently available only on web, and will be added to our mobile app in the future

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Android Import: **Fixed an issue prevent users from importing contacts on Adnroid devices.

  • **Google Contacts Import: **Removed a filter that was preventing users from importing Google Contacts without an email on the desktop.

  • **Birthday Settings: **we’ve added an option to receive birthday emails for ‘Important Birthdays’ (contacts either starred or with a Last Interaction). Go to your settings to update this.

  • **On Dex Indicator: **When a contact is open, we’ll show you if they’re also on Dex using a subtle indicator.

  • **Timeline Last Interaction Updating: **fixed an issue where Last Interaction was incorrectly being updated by user-created notes and reminders

Sep 2021 (part 2!): New Facebook Import 📥

This week we’re excited to share an update about our Facebook Import functionality.

Facebook Import 📥

If you didn’t know already, you can Import from Facebook into Dex:

  • Import Birthdays 🎂: view upcoming birthdays and receive notifications on contacts you care about.

  • **Add Facebook Profile Images: **add profile pictures from Facebook into your Dex contacts.

  • **Birthday / Google Calendar integration: **with Contact Sync, see upcoming birthdays on Google Calendar!

Our new version of Facebook Import allows you to:

  • See the last time you imported from Facebook.

  • Automatically update existing contacts + create new contacts from Facebook friends who don’t exist.

  • Seamlessly run Facebook imports multiple times, without creating duplicates.

  • Add all contacts imported from Facebook in a “Facebook Contacts” group

Give it a try on your desktop from the Dex Import page:

Contact Page Layout Updates 🔨

We’ve been hard at work updating our web interface, and this week we’ve updated our contact page layout to be streamlined, faster, and even more responsive. Whenever you open a contact page, simply close the back button to close the contact layout and keep context of where you previously were.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Mobile Import: **fixed an issue where some users would not be able to complete an import

  • **Birthday Year handling: **fixed an issue where a contact’s age would display incorrectly when a birthday year was set.

  • **Google CSV Group Support: **CSV imports now support a Google Contact’s ‘Group Membership’ feild

  • **Keyboard Shortcuts Popup: **fixed an issue where using the keyboard shortcuts popup would not properly register on the onboarding checklist.

  • **Extension Login: **if a user is not logged in from an extension page, they can now directly login from the extension.

Sep 2021 (part 1!): Mobile Changelog

Mobile Changelog

It’s been a while since our last Mobile Changelog and we have much to share. We’re getting ready to publicly release our app and are excited to share these updates

  • Extensive stability and reliability improvements.

  • Updated the bottom sidebar to be cleaner and less obtrusive

  • Added option to follow related contacts and groups link left in online tags.

  • Added ability to dismiss birthdays.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Merge and Fix Updates: **merge and fix now has better handling for long last names and accents.

  • **Facebook Extension Import: **fixed an issue where the Dex extension integration was not working for Facebook profile pages.

Sep 2021 (part 1!): Smart Mentions ✨ + Rich Description

This week, we’re making it easier than ever to add context with our new ability mention contacts and groups!

Smart Mentions ✨

When you’re leaving a note, updating a description, or leaving a calendar event note, you can now use mentions.

  • Press ’@’ to mention another contact.

  • Press ’#’ to mention a group.

Also new in this release:

  • ** 🔨Create-on-mention **If a contact or group does not yet exist, we’ll create them.

  • **🔗 Mention actions: **If you mention one or more contact, we’ll automatically add contact relations. If you mention a group, we’ll add the relevant contact to the group automatically.

Try it out today by using ’@’ or ’#’ when leaving a note / adding a contact description!

Rich Description ✨

A common request we get at Dex is ‘how can I remember who introduced me?’ We now support formatting, mentions, and more in the contact description fied.

For example, you can now leave an note like: “Met with **@John Smith **and @Sarah Xu and interested in **#Startups and is an #Xoogler” **and we’ll automatically add related contacts and groups.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Calendar Syncing: **fixed an issue where some calendar events would sync without attendee data (retroactively fixed)

  • **Timeline Page Edit: **fixed an issue where the ‘Edit event’ popover would be hidden on the timeline page

  • **Last Interaction Updating: **fixed issue where last interaction would update for the wrong contact when quickly navigating between contacts

  • **Sync Page layout: **fixed issue where the Sync page didn’t include the settings sidebar

  • **Daily Agenda overflow: **fixed an issue where events on the daily agenda with long titles would overflow the modal.

Aug 2021 (part 3!): Desktop App 💻

After many requests from our users, we’re excited to share our new Desktop App!

Desktop App 💻

The Dex Desktop App makes it even easier to build stronger relationships with a dedicated workflow. Download it for Mac or Windows here. Our Desktop app comes with:

  • 🔔 Toolbar Badge: see # of outstanding keep-in-touch contacts, right from your app tray.

  • 🏃 Open on Start: (optional) start Dex when you turn on your computer.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Dashboard Indicator: **see the number of outstanding keep-in-touch contacts in the top menu bar

  • **Event Updating: **fixed issue where editing a timeline event wouldn’t always load appropriate contacts

  • **Contact Table Updating: **fixed an issue where the wrong contact would open from the contact table on certain pages.

  • **Merge and Fix with phone numbers: **we now support detecting duplicates based on phone number (in addition to name and email).

  • **Contact Form adding duplicates: **fixed an issue where the ‘Add Contacts’ input when adding a timeline note would add duplicate contacts when creating a new contact.

Aug 2021 (part 2!): New Timeline Page

We’re busy at work with a few major features here at Dex. This week, we’re excited to share our new Timeline page! Check it out here.

Timeline Page 📖

Our new timeline page provides an easy way to remember where you’ve left off. New in this version:

  • 📅 Upcoming events: see upcoming calendar events, and quickly lookup your people beforehand.

  • 🔧 Advanced filters: filter your timeline to include/exclude reminders, timeline notes, and calendar events.

  • 🔍 Highlighted search: search your timeline for specific keywords and see matching notes.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Timeline Form Autosave: **adds autosave to timeline events in the popup modal (already exists on contact pages or timeline page)

  • **Image upload: **fixed an issue where dragging/dropping a contact image would not always save the image correctly.

  • **Birthday year support: **adds support for an optional birthday year

  • **Related Contacts duplicates: **fixed an issue where duplicated contacts would be created from a new timeline note.

  • **Timeline input: **fixed an issue where timeline notes would not be created successfully in some cases

  • **Daily Agenda events: **fixed an issue where calendar events with many attendees would cause formatting issues

  • **Quick action: **fixed an issue where the Quick Action page would not always load properly.

Aug 2021 (part 1!): Bulk Email 📧 + Recent Contacts

This week we’ve been busy at work fixing bugs and improving performance. We’re also excited to share two highly requested workflow improvements!

Bulk Email 📧

Need to email a whole group? After selecting multiple contacts, click our new ‘Actions’ button and click ‘Send email.’ We’ll automatically highlight any contacts that are missing an email too!

Recent Contacts

After you visit a contact in Dex, we’ll add them to your Recent Contacts. (you can find these in the Dex search bar). With autosaved timeline notes, it’s easier than ever to pick up where you left off. 📝

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Performance improvements: **we’ve improved overall render time, memory footprint, and responsiveness of our webpage.

  • **Quick action game ordering: **fixed an issue where the quick action panel would take action on the wrong contact.

  • **Search bar duplicate contacts: **fixed an issue where the create functionality on the search bar would sometime create duplicate

  • **Dashboard page: **fixed an issue where the dashboard page would sometimes take action on the wrong contact.

  • **中文 tagging support: **upon request, added support for Chinese characters in tagging other contacts in timeline events.

  • **New user tour: **added a welcome tour for new users.

  • **Timeline form expansion: **allows the timeline form to expand to fit content for large notes.July 2021 (part 4!): Related Contacts 🔗 + New Contact Page

We’re excited to share another highly-requested feature: related contacts! If you haven’t already, check out our other releases from this busy month including Daily Agenda & Quick Action.

Related Contacts 🔗

For people related, like coworkers, spouses, children, or business partners, you can add people as **related contacts! **See related contacts and link to them quickly on a contact page (shortcut: shift+c):

Create Google Calendar Events 📅

Quickly create a Google Calendar event from Dex! To do so, click the new ‘Actions’ dropdown, or hover over the contact email and click the calendar icon:

The calendar icon will include the contact name and email appropriately!

New Contact Page ✨

Our new contact page has been redesign to be cleaner, clearer, and easier to use:

  • Actions dropdown: we’ve consolidated common actions in a simple menu so all actions can be found in a simple dropdown.

  • Information Sidebar: The new scrollable sidebar lets you easily add data while keeping focus on the contact timeline.

  • Refreshed Timeline: The timeline has been redesigned to be more readable and functional at a glance.

Check these improvements out on your desktop by opening a contact page from Dex.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • BCC/CC multiple email support: we’ve created an unique email to cc/bcc email, allowing users to send email from different emails. Also fixed an issue where emails were not always associated correctly with user accounts.

  • **Informational Contact Page Tooltips: **added an informational tooltips on the contact page to provide explanation on what to add in certain fields.

  • **Daily Agenda filtering: **fixed an issue where calendar items on the daily agenda were sorted incorrectly.

  • **Contact Image handling: **fixed an issue where images from LinkedIn/Facebook imports were not saving properly into Dex.

  • **Scroll position: **fixed an issue where navigating between pages would not preserve scroll position on the page.

  • **Google Contacts & Outlook importing: **fixed an issue where Google Contacts importing did not work for certain users.

July 2021 (part 3!): Daily Agenda

If you’ve connected your calendar, the dashboard now shows your Daily Agenda, or list of non-recurring meetings for the day. With the daily agenda, you can:

  • Quickly review who you’re meeting with

  • Find people quickly in LinkedIn

  • Leave a quick note about what you’ve talked about

In addition, with this new change you can also leave notes related to calendar events, as well as add or tag other contacts to these notes.

July 2021 (part 2!): Quick Action and Archived Contacts

After setup, you can now quickly take action with the quick action tab:

  • Set keep-in-touch 🤝

  • Quickly update fields 🖊

  • Archive unwanted contacts 🗄️

Clean up your contacts with just a few keystrokes. With this new update, we’re also releasing archived contacts, which are hidden contacts you can restore at any time. We hope you enjoy these new updates! Let us know what you think, and join our Slack group for a sneak peek before new features are released.

July 2021: Contact Sync 🔄 + Community Slack Group

Contact Sync

We’re excited to share you can now sync Dex with your contacts. Dex Contact sync is one-way and allows you to use your Dex contacts in email clients, on your phone, and apps like Whatsapp that rely on your addressbook.

To get started, check out the 2-minute video below, or this guide on how to get started.

Dex Community Slack Group

We’ve started Slack group for our users to report issues, suggest features, and shape the future of Dex.

To join the new Dex Community Slack Group, follow this link (also in the menu of the Dex Dashboard). In the group, we’re asking for feedback on our future new contact page:

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Bcc handling: fixed an issue with cc/bcc email feature, where emails sent with bcc to email@getdex.com would not always find all recipients.

  • **Unnamed contact handling: **fixed an issue where sorting by name on the contacts page would break with unnamed contacts. By default, we also now show a contact’s email if no name is present.

  • **Google Contacts import with address: **fixed an issue where Google Contacts import would fail for contacts with an address.

  • **Mobile add contacts issue: **fixed an issue where adding a new contact on the mobile app with extra details did not work.

June 2021: CC/BCC Dex, New Layout, and Onboarding Checklist ✔️

CC/BCC to Dex with email@getdex.com ✉️

Adding context from email is now easy. Simply forward an email to **email@getdex.com **and we’ll take care of the rest. All people in the email conversation will be added and we’ll intelligently create or lookup the relevant contacts in Dex.

Try it out today by cc’ing email@getdex.com!

New Layout - Dex is 25% faster! ⚡

We’ve rearranged our web application to provide a simpler, more streamlined experience. Check it out today on the Dex Dashboard.

Performance on all pages should be improved — especially for users with more than 5k contacts. Dex should now load faster and feel more responsive than ever.

Onboarding Checklist ✔️

For both new and returning users, we’ve created an Onboarding Checklist that shows the features you shouldn’t miss. Check it out here. Complete all steps on the checklist and get $15 off when you upgrade!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Add to location: when viewing a location, you can click the ’+ Add contacts to location’ button to move contacts to a certain location.

  • **Tagging sorting: **when tagging a contact in the timeline, we now order more relevant contacts first.

  • **New Emoji Picker: **we’ve increased the number of available emojis in our datepicker, including all commonly used country flags.

  • **Contact not found page: **we’ve added an page if you access a contact that could not be found in Dex.

  • **Tooltip display: **fixed an issue where extra tooltips would show on the top left of the screen.

May 2021: Bulk Edit, Merge & Command Bar Enhancements ⚒️

Bulk Edit & Location Bulk Update 📍

Need to make changes on many contacts? With our new bulk edit functionality, select multiple contacts on the contacts page and change frequency, groups, company, education, location, and more!

Also new this month: on the locations page, rename locations using the ‘Edit location’ button to quickly clean up and consolidate locations.

Merge with Contact Functionality 🔗

Need to merge the contact you’re looking at with another? Use the new ‘Merge with’ option to choose contacts to merge with. (Open the contact option menu or use the shortcut Shift+M).

Seamlessly merge contacts without going to the Merge & Fix page:

Command Bar Contact + Group Search 🔍

We’ve improved the Command Bar to search through all your contacts and groups! Simply use CMD+K (Ctrl+k on windows) to open, search for a contact or group, and press enter to navigate quickly.

With these changes, navigate from contact to contact even faster. 🏃

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Group Page Enhancements: **Click-to-edit emoji title on a groups page to make changes more easily.

  • **One-off-reminders: **Fixed an issue when one-time reminders would send a day early for users in certain timezones.

  • **Reminder editing: **Fixed an issue where editing a reminder on a contact timeline would remove associated contacts.

  • **Date Custom Fields: **Fixed an issue where changing a date custom field would set a day early for users in certain timezones.

  • **LinkedIn Import: **Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to import from LinkedIn through the extension.

  • **Event formatting: **Fixed an issue where bullets would not indent properly across multiple lines for an event in the timeline.

  • **Styled completed one-time reminders: **applied styling changes to make it more clear which reminders are competed.

  • (+ much more behind the scenes!)

Superhuman Integration ✉️

Use Dex within Superhuman with our newest extension integration with Superhuman!

Simply hit **Cmd + (.) **to open up Dex inside of the Superhuman email. Leave a quick note, see calendar history, and set a reminder for next time. Note: this integration only works while using Superhuman in the browser, not Desktop app.

Dex works within Superhuman just like it does in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our other supported sites. See our walkthrough video below for more details:

Using Dex in Superhuman

New Global Search Experience 🔎

Check out our new search experience with the “Search All” feature, where you can search for contacts, events, groups ,and more all in the same place.

In addition, we’ll search through many more fields, including location, company, education, title, and more!

In addition, search results will be filtered by contacts, groups and events—each in their own separate category for your convenience.

Extension Options ⚙️

You can now change where you see Dex with our custom extension options:

Simply right click on the Dex icon at the top right of your Google Chrome extension bar to bring up the extension options button.

This will take you to “Page Settings”, where you can pick and choose which apps Dex has access to, as well as changes to the keyboard shortcuts to access Dex in apps such as Superhuman.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Birthday Imports: **Improved birthday importing from google contacts using our direct import utilities

  • Fixed an issue where the add to group form would not load with all contacts

  • Fixed an issue where the add to group modal didn’t save groups.

  • Fixed an issue where trial expiration didn’t show in the web dashboard.

February 2021: Dex Referral Program 💸 + Calendar Sync!

Referral Program 💸

Want to share Dex? With our new referral program, earn $15 in Dex credit for every referral. You can see your own unique referral link by clicking ’Refer to Dex’ on the sidebar.

Easily share this link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, or send an email invitation directly.

Calendar Sync 📅

Combine multiple Google calendars in Dex with our new Calendar Sync! With this new addition, you can now:

  • See relevant calendar events for contacts by email

  • Search + view through multiple calendars for events related to a contact

P.S. Dex also matches calendar events just by a contact name (first+last) too.

Dashboard Today/Upcoming view ☀️

Our dashboard has been updated to split today/upcoming events. Based on your feedback, we’re making it clear which contacts need immediate attention, and which contacts are coming up. You can also press tab/shift+tab to switch between dashboard tabs!

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Contact Search: **implemented fuzzy search to make search for contacts more accepting.

  • **Birthdays Reminder: **fixed an issue causing certain users to receive birthday notifications a day late

  • **Keep-in-touch Reminders: **fixed an issue where contacts with a missed keep-in-touch reminders in the past would not send future keep-in-touch reminders via email.

  • **Contacts Table Double-click: **double clicking a row on the contact will now open a contact page directly.

  • Fixed an issue where calendar events weren’t ordered correctly.

January 2021: Locations 🌍 + LinkedIn Contact Info, + fixes!

Happy New Year! We’ve been thankful to have your support as we begin 2021. Thanks for all the feedback on the latest version of the product; with your feedback we’ve fixed our bugs and made more improvements/enhancements to the product. Here’s a quick update:

Organize by location

By popular demand, we’ve added a page that allows you to organize and view your contacts by location. Visit the new location page here:

Contacts filtered by location on the right and those without location on the left

LinkedIn ‘Contact Info’

When adding contacts with the Dex Extension, for first degree connections we’re now able to also add ‘Contact Information’ such as email, phone, and birthday (if present). We’ll also set your last interaction to the day you connected. To try this out, use the extension to add a contact!

Example of using Dex’s built-in LinkedIn extension

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Keep-In-Touch Notifications: **fixed an issue preventing certain users from receiving keep-in-touch reminders.

  • **Timezone-aware Notifications: **based on your timezone (change in the settings page or screen), we’ll send around 8:00AM-9:00AM local time. Especially useful for the Dex users around the world!

  • **Contacts Table Behavior: **we’ve changed behavior of the side panel to open on click instead of mouseover, which users reported as distracting

  • **Keep-In-Touch Page and Groups Page Performance: **we’ve greatly improved the loading speed and time of these pages in the Dex Dashboard

  • **Ctrl+M to focus Event Field: **with a contact page or panel open, press Ctrl+M to focus the Event field.

  • **LinkedIn Import: **fixed an issue where users couldn’t use the Dex Extension to import from LinkedIn

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Escape’ key wouldn’t properly close or defocus windows

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t create groups when partially matched

  • Fixed an issue where new timeline events weren’t ordered correctly due to timezone

December 2020: Dex 2.0, our biggest update 🔧

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding our platform from the ground up to improve performance, add 🔥features, and building new import and on-boarding flows. We’re excited to share what we’ve done.

A new dashboard

We’ve improved the dashboard experience to be faster, cleaner, and more actionable. Use shortcuts to snooze keep-in-touch contacts, see upcoming birthdays, and keep your contacts up to date. Check it out here:

Contact Pages

For each contact, we’ve added a page specific to each contact. These contact pages are also completely tabbable and support use of our command bar, so you can add events see details quickly and easily. Open a contact by searching for them in Dex or clicking on them.

Groups 2.0 + Drag-and-drop

We’ve also significantly improved the group experience in Dex. Customize groups with your own emoji and description. Use the Groups Browser page to drag-and-drop to organize into groups 👪:

Selective Import from Facebook (with 🎂!) + LinkedIn

You can now choose to import from Facebook and LinkedIn! By default, Facebook imports include birthdays 🎂 and LinkedIn imports include location 🌇. We’ll automatically merge your imported LinkedIn/Facebook contacts during the import process, which you can try here.

Import 2.0: Import groups from Google contacts

We’ve rebuilt our import experience for Gmail and Google Contacts.

  • New✨: if you use labels in Google Contacts, you can use your ‘Import from Gmail’ to import your contacts with labels (we’ll create groups to match label names automatically in Dex)

Merge and Fix with faster merging!

We’ve made merging contacts much faster. After import, you can go to our new Merge & Fix page that merges contacts imported across different sources.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

September 2020: Timeline Page, Performance Improvements, and our next new look

Timeline Page

Want to see all your past notes in Dex? Do this with the new timeline page, where you can add new notes and tag multiple contacts.

Performance Improvements

We’ve improved many of the key actions you can do in Dex, making them snappier and more responsive by upgrading our databases and interactions.

Our next look 💅

We’ve been hard at work on our next Dex experience, with brand new views, onboarding, and functionality. If you’re interested in testing our new interface out before we launch it, please let me know!

August 2020: New Dashboard, Instagram Support, and more!

New Dex Dashboard

See your keep-in-touch contacts, reminders, birthdays and other suggestions from the new Dashboard! The Dashboard provides essential information to keep you up to date with your relationships.

Instagram Support (Web + Chrome Extension!)

You can now add contacts directly from Instagram with our Chrome extension! After you add a contact’s Instagram profile, you’ll be able to access them with one click from a contacts’ profile and the Dex mobile app.

Settings Dropdown Menu

The new dropdown menu at the top right of the dashboard gives you quick access to your Dex account, settings, and other features

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Better Export: **we’ve added birthdays, groups, and all remaining fields to the contacts export. Also — export your notes! 📝

  • **Weekly Keep-in-Touch: **we’ve added the ability for users to choose a ‘weekly’ keep-in-touch option for contacts.

  • **Extension Performance: **we’ve improved performance in the extension, Dex now loads faster across all sites!

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t login after installing the mobile app.

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t see the Dex button on a Facebook profile

July 2020: Keyboard Shortcuts ✂️, Reminders ⏰, and Tagging Contacts 🏷️

Command Bar

We’re excited to introduce a command bar for the power users! To get started type **Cmd + K (or Ctrl +K) **to show the Command Bar. From here, you can search through the list of commands in Dex and perform actions by clicking on them.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are another way for you to take quick actions, navigate the web platform, and update contact details in Dex. To see all of the supported shortcuts, type ”?” anywhere to bring up the list of commands.

Reminders Panel

Setting a lot of one-time reminders? See all your past and upcoming reminders from the new reminders panel. To open, click the Alarm clock in the upper right corner, or visit: .

Contact Tagging

You can finally tag other contacts in your notes! On a contact timeline, tag ** different contacts** using the ”@” key. Other contacts will be added automatically, and notes will appear across other timelines.

Rich Text and Bullets

Want to add more structure to your timeline events? You can now put bold, italics, links, bullets, numbered lists in your notes. Simply highlight text in a note to view formatting options.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • **Event Drafting: **If you leave move to another view while drafting a timeline event, you can just return to the timeline event and your written note will be saved automatically.

  • **Add Button for Social Networks: **Contact social media has a Button (+) to set social networks.

  • **LinkedIn Importing: **Fixed an issue where users who were importing from LinkedIn were only able to add a small number of connections

  • **Mobile App: **We’ve made many bugfixes, improvements, and feature releases. to get started with the mobile app, visit:

June 2020

We’ve been hard at work building new features. We’re also super excited to announce mobile apps on both iOS and Android are available for public testing!

Import from Facebook and LinkedIn

For users that haven’t seen it already, we’ve made the process of importing from Facebook and LinkedIn easier and more robust. Simply click the green ‘Import’ button to get started.

Better Contact Details + Custom Fields

We’ve launched a new contact detail panel that is cleaner and easier to navigate. Add custom fields, see your last interaction, and more!

New Contact List + Search

The main contact list now groups contacts by last event, sorts by name to make merging easier, and is easily searchable like an email inbox. Give it a try here and on any of your groups pages!

Mobile App Testing

We’re ready for you to try the mobile app. For Android users, try download the Dex Mobile App from the Play Store here. For iOS users, join our Testflight Beta. Note: you’ll need already have signed up for Dex to get started.

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Bulk Contact Deletion: fixed an issue where deleting multiple contacts would reset the scroll on the contact table.

  • Extension Support for New Facebook: we’ve fixed an issue where the Dex button was not consistently displaying in the new Facebook layout.

  • **LinkedIn Title Bug: **we’ve fixed an issue where adding someone via LinkedIn messages would resolve the wrong job title.

  • **New! LinkedIn Location: **we now support adding contact locations when you add a contact via the extension

May 2020

Birthdays and Birthday Reminders

With Dex, you can now save birthdays and receive reminders for upcoming contacts. You can add birthdays in the web dashboard, import with Facebook, and your birthdays in a separate birthdays dashboard as well.

New Keep in Touch Page

We’ve created the simple drag-and-drop interface for you to set the keep-in-touch frequency of your contacts. Give it a try on your desktop here.

New Extension Page

We’ve updated the main extension page to allow for faster access to keep-in-touch and starred contacts. Now you can quickly write notes and set reminders for your most recent and important contacts.

Before May 2020

(we’ve been hard at work improving our mobile app, extension, and web dashboard but haven’t written changelogs 😅)