Stay on top of crucial notes and events with Dex, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks!

Stay connected effortlessly with Dex’s personalized keep-in-touch reminders, ensuring you never miss a beat in reaching out to your friends!

Setting up Keep-in-Touch

There are several ways to set up a frequency for Keep-in-Touch:

Keep-in-Touch Page

We recommend using the Keep-in-Touch page if you’re setting up frequencies for a bunch of contacts.

From here, it’s a simple drag-and-drop. You have the option to set it up by Group as well.

If you see the ❗icon right next to the name, there’s an overdue reminder that needs your attention.

Quick Actions

If you want to go through each card quickly with shortcut keys, we recommend the Quick Actions page:

Contact Card

From the contact’s profile, you can also set (F), snooze (H), or update the Keep-in-touch reminder.

Snoozing KIT reminders allows you to set a specific date. You can also see the exact date of when you’ll be reminder on the right.