After importing and consolidating your relationships in Dex, you’ll have a clean, organized list of the people you care about. With Google Contacts Sync, you can sync your Dex contacts to Google Contacts, allowing them to be available across various platforms if you use Google Contacts to manage your contacts list:

  • Phone app
  • Email client
  • WhatsApp and other services that use phone contacts
  • You can sync through Contacts+ handles, as Dex operates separately and can optionally sync into phone contacts.

Before you get started

  • One-Way Sync: Contact Sync is one-way into Google Contacts. Changes made in Dex reflect in Google Contacts, but not vice versa.
  • Labeling: Contacts created will have a ‘Dex Contacts’ label.
  • Persistence: If you stop Contact Sync (due to account deletion or downgrade), your ‘Dex Contacts’ will not be deleted.
  • Preparation: We recommend importing and consolidating your contacts before starting the sync.
  • Profile Photos: Due to API restrictions, profile photos are not included in the sync. We’re working on a solution and appreciate your patience.

Getting Started


Go to your Sync & Integrations page

From the home page, click on the dropdown icon at the top-right corner and choose Sync & Integrations.


Connect your Google Contacts account

On the Gmail section, click on “Connect Account” and follow the login prompts.

How to undo the Contact Sync

Important Notes

  • Your Dex Contacts will be retained after undoing the Contact Sync.
  • This will delete all ‘Dex Contacts’ in your Google Contacts.
  • We suggest doing this if there are duplicates created to your Google Contacts (we recommend using Contact Sync if you want to use Dex as the main source of truth).

Disable the Contact Sync

Disconnect your Google Contacts Account on the Sync & Integrations page.


Delete the 'Dex Contacts' label and all its contacts