Dex seamlessly syncs with LinkedIn. Once you’ve connected your LinkedIn account:

  • 🔨LinkedIn Connections will be seamlessly added to Dex and kept up-to-date. We’ll automatically update your contacts’ titles, pictures, and more continually.

  • 📧 You’ll receive notifications when your LinkedIn Connections’ titles change. When your connections start a new job, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach out!

  • 📝 Last Interaction is automatically updated with your latest LinkedIn conversation, allowing you to recall context, open relevant conversations with a click, and filter views based on the date of your last message for effective stay-in-touch reminders.

What is LinkedIn Sync?

Setting up LinkedIn Sync


Install the Dex Extension

Need help? Check the guide for installing Dex Extension.


Go to the Sync & Integrations page and connect your LinkedIn Account

On the Sync & Integrations page, you’ll see a ‘Connect Account’ button under the ‘LinkedIn’ section.

Make sure to log in to your LinkedIn Account on the same browser.


Click 'Continue with Sync'

LinkedIn Messaging Sync

With your LinkedIn account connected, you can see your last LinkedIn message for your contacts.

  • ⏰ Last Interaction is automatically updated with your latest LinkedIn conversation, making keep-in-touch reminders even more accurate and powerful.

  • 📝 See the last message sent in the conversation, so you can remember context on what you last talked about.

  • 🔗 Open the relevant conversation with just one click, you can pick off where you left off.

  • 🔎 Filter and create views with the date of your last LinkedIn message so you can make sure you’re staying in touch.

Title Change Notification

After setting up LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see title changes on the main Today page:

  • By default, you’ll receive emails about title changes, which you can turn off in the notification settings.

  • Title changes are shown in the ‘Today’ feed from most recent to least recent.

  • If contact is archived, you generally won’t get title change notifications for them.