What is Dex?

Think of Dex as your personal relationship manager, making it fun and easy to stay connected with the people who matter to you:

✨ Never Lose Track: Leave quick notes about your last meet-up and, with calendar integration, see all your relationship history in one place.

🧠 Be Thoughtful: Add memorable details about your contacts, like their kids’ names or how their European vacation went, so you never forget the little things.

🔔 Stay Connected: Set Keep-In-Touch Reminders to reach out regularly, ensuring you stay in touch with family, college friends, former coworkers, and your entire professional network—even when life gets busy.

Ready to start building stronger relationships? Here are some tips to getting started:

Creating an account 📚

Joining Dex is a straightforward and effortless process. You can sign up using your Google account, Apple ID, or by completing the registration form.

After registration, you’ll have access to a 7-day trial to fully experience Dex and see for yourself how it fits your needs.

If you’re on the mobile app, make sure to hop into a desktop and open getdex.com to continue creating the account.

Syncing Dex with LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn and want to import your connections to Dex? Check out our LinkedIn Sync.

Installing the Dex Extension is required for this sync to work properly.

Syncing Dex with Gmail

If you use Gmail and want to track your email exchanges using Dex, take advantage of Gmail Account Sync!

Check this guide for more information about sync.

Don’t forget to import your Gmail contacts. Click here for more information.

Install the Dex Extension 🔖

Dex works the most effectively with the Google Chrome extension. The extension allows you to import contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn, import contacts, and access Dex wherever you are.


Install Dex for Chrome Extension

Click here to download the extension.


Once installed, you can open LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and check the icon.

Learn more about the extension’s features in here!

Download the Mobile App

Download the Mobile App and make sure you’re always on top of your relationships on the go!

Need help setting things up? Click here!