By connecting your calendars, you can :

  • See relevant calendar events for a contact

  • Search + view through multiple calendars for a contact

  • Update last interaction automatically based on calendar events

  • Add notes to calendar events easily

Getting Started


Go to your Sync & Integrations page

From the home page, click on the dropdown icon at the top-right corner and choose Sync & Integrations.


Connect your Google Calendar account

On the Google Calendar section, click on โ€œConnect Accountโ€ and follow the login prompts.


Import your Google Calendar contacts

If you havenโ€™t yet, make sure to import your Google Calendar Contacts on the Import page

Youโ€™ll see a list of contacts youโ€™ve scheduled meetings with.

Dex will show you related events by email (where the email is an attendee is part of the event), and also with the same name.

Things to Know

  • We currently only support Google Calendar on the web.

  • The Dex Mobile app supports other calendar types.

  • For each connected Google account, we only sync the primary calendar for the account.

  • For the new calendar, sync may take a few minutes before showing up in Dex.