Dex features helpful reminders to ensure you stay connected with your contacts, and even assists you in drafting messages through AI!

AI Assist 🪄

Dex is your ultimate source of truth, housing key details about your interactions, how you met contacts, and more.

Introducing ‘AI Assist’ — when reaching out to someone, effortlessly generate conversation starters:

  • 📝 Tailored from your own notes

  • 💼 Customized for a contact’s professional background

  • 🪄 Covers a wide range of topics

Simply open a contact card and use the Shift+A keyboard shortcut or click the ‘AI Assist’ button to generate a selection of conversation starters instantly.

Linkedin Messages with GPT 💬

Swamped with LinkedIn messages? Us too. But fret not! Introducing the Dex browser extension, now equipped with GPT-powered drafting and replying capabilities for LinkedIn messages!

  • 💬 Craft thoughtful, thread-specific responses: Dex considers previous messages for context, providing tailored suggestions.

  • 🖱️ Just one click away, right in your browser: Click the Dex button for instant suggestions. Need more? Click again for additional prompts on the best way to kick off your message.