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You've been looking for an app like Dex. Your audience has too. They'll thank you for finding the personal CRM that actually works.

What is Dex ambassador program?

The Dex ambassador program rewards publishers, influencers, students, and everyone else who shares Dex.

Whether you're sharing Dex with your network or audience, you can help others build stronger relationships.


  • $25 per premium user conversion
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Activation bonuses
  • Generous 60-day cookie and/or coupon code attribution

Who is a Dex Ambassador?


Do you have an audience eager to learn how to network better? Dex is the perfect product for the ambitious networker.


Consultants and Coaches
If you help your clients network better, cultivate their network, and be their best professional self, Dex can help.


Dex is useful for a wide range of people -- lawyers, accountants, realtors, etc. If you have an audience that would be benefit from Dex, let us know.

If you're looking to help your network build stronger relationships, apply to be a Dex ambassador.

Frequently Asked Questions