Why isn’t there an app for that?

Life is busy; relationships are hard. We searched for the right tool for our relationships (yes, we tried Airtable!) but nothing was perfect.

These tools were manual, tedious, and hard to come back to. We decided to build a better solution.

Dex was founded in 2019, and we’ve been building ever since. We named it Dex because we're creating the simple, modern rolodex of today.

Dex Mobile App

What we believe

  • 🔐

    We'll never sell or share your data. Your data remains yours.

  • Simplicity

    Dex isn't a sales CRM — there are no deals or pipeline here. We’re making Dex for relationships, not sales.

  • Speed

    Your life is busy enough. Intuitive interfaces + less data entry = more time with the people that matter.

Our team

Dex is a small distributed team of 5. Interested in joining us? Send us a message.

  • Kevin Sun

    Founder at Dex (YC S19)

    🇺🇸 Seattle

    Kevin was previously a founder at RiskDV and Software Engineer at Amazon and Infer. He studied Applied Math at Harvard.

  • Jack Cook

    Founding Engineer

    🇺🇸 San Francisco

    Jack was previously co-founder/CTO at Fetch and a Software Engineer at Neighborly. He studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford.

  • Omar Cruz

    Founding Engineer

    🇲🇽 Guadalajara

    Omar was previously co-founder/CTO at Lesi and a Senior Developer at Rever (backed by Sequoia). He studied at Universidad de Guadalajara.

  • Joss Rodríguez

    UX/UI Designer

    🇲🇽 Guadalajara

    Joss was previously a UX/UI designer at Rever (backed by Sequoia) and Tokencash. He studied at Universidad de Guadalajara.

  • Tomás Vélez

    Mobile Developer

    🇨🇱 Coquimbo

    Tomás is currently at student at the Universidad Católica del Norte.

Follow our progress

See the new features we release on our changelog and our writing at the Dex Blog. For all other general inquiries, please reach out.