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One place for your relationships — impress with thoughtfulness

Dex brings together LinkedIn, email, and all your daily tools. Keep in touch, remember where you left off, and see everyone you know.


Top professionals build their network with Dex

The easiest way to consolidate your relationships

Manually keeping track of who you've met takes time you don't have. You're wasting time copying and pasting. It's even harder to keep your contacts up-to-date.

Dex lets you connect to LinkedIn and other sources in minutes. New job titles will be synced automatically.

Spend less time on data entry and focus on what matters — building relationships.

Image of CRM people-friendly software

Built for people, not sales pipeline

Dealing with heavy, complicated systems like Salesforce is overkill for keeping in touch. Your relationships don’t belong in a sales CRM.

Spend less time navigating menus and seamlessly pick up where you left off.

Dex replaces complicated & manual tools
Airtable Excel Google Sheets Hubspot Pipedrive Notion iCloud Contacts Google Contacts
Sync LinkedIn with Dex

Get more out of LinkedIn

Sync your LinkedIn network and we'll automatically keep your contacts up-to-date.

Dex will let you know when your connections change their title, providing the perfect opportunity to reach out.

Remember where you left off with Dex

Remember what's important

Remember everything about everyone. Use Dex to store he important details you don't want to forget:

  • How you met
  • Education history
  • Work
  • Important dates
  • Family
  • Gift Ideas
  • Event history
  • Anything else!

Manage your relationships anywhere, anytime

At the end of a busy day, the last thing you need is another spreadsheet.
Browser Extension
Browser Extension

Integrate with LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail to manage relationships in your existing workflow.

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Mobile App
Mobile App

Take Dex on the go and maintain relationships from anywhere

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Security and Privacy at Dex

Built to be private

Your privacy is our top priority. Dex is supported by subscriptions, not ads.
We'll never sell your data to third parties.

With Dex, you're in full control of your data. Export or delete your data at any time.

Loved by thousands of professionals

I've been looking for something like Dex for a long long time and I'm so glad I found it. In a busy world, it makes me the friend that I want to be for the people I care about.

Satoe Sakuma
Satoe Sakuma
Software Engineer

Dex has allowed me to be more intentional with both my personal and professional relationships. [...] This has led to some of my most serendipitous opportunities and has allowed me to make connections between folks in my network that I have not seen.

Joseph Sunga
Joseph Sunga
Product Leader & Investor

Dex is the first personal CRM that provides an elegant experience for managing personal relationships, while also being powerful enough to enrich professional connections.

Janet Lee
Janet Lee
MBA Candidate at UCLA Anderson

Dex is the personal/professional CRM solution I've wanted to exist for years, but hasn't until now. I was a Contactually user in the past and have tried spreadsheets, Airtable, Pipedrive and so on - and nothing is close to Dex's focus when it comes to personal CRM.

Ari Newman
Ari Newman
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Massive Capital Partners

Dex provided an easy and effective way to make sure I stayed in touch with old friends and family [...] it's also been really easy to organize my networked job search using Dex's handy reminders and groups functionality.

Sid Singh
Sid Sigh
MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School

Dex is awesome, and is already making my life easier. Thanks for building a great product!

Kathryn McGarvey
Kathryn McGarvey
Marketing Mentor & Coach

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